• Contact Data – Data is stored in a contact card and can include a Dealerships name, phone number, email address, website and others.
  • Calendar Data – This can include a calendar appointment that can be saved to the diary of someone scanning the code, a sale invite at a specific dealership for example.
  • URL – this is simply a URL that when scanned, would be used by the browser on a smartphone or similar device to display a given webpage.
  • Email Address – this could be used to open a blank email with a predefined subject and recipient when scanned. Add receitpents to your email list easily and efficiently.
  • Phone Number – a simple phone number that can be dialled directly after scanned
  • Map Icon SMS – a sms could be composed ready to send with a given recipient
  • Plain Text – simply text that may not have a predefined function but could be used by a bespoke application to carry out any given task.
  • Geo Location – A link to a location that when scanned, can be processed by the reader and used to give directions to an event you're promoting for example. Also can be used to see where most scans have been received, could then increase marketing campaigns to that specific location.
  • Domain name - writen on frame.
  • Dealership address - If frame has enough space then one could ad dealership location. In which potential customer may forget.

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